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Showing all 11 results

Cute Slipper Socks For Those Days When You Just Want To Relax

When you want the best in comfort and style slipper socks are the way to go. It is like giving your feet a warm hug. At Lot of Socks we offer a range of looks and sizes to fit. So if you are looking for some comfy socks you can wear at the cabin or you have an exteded hospital stay and just want your feet to stay warm and look look cute, we have you covered.

Find the right pair for you feet with knited, fuzzy, or even wool. You will find the latest in looks and fashion with mocasin bottoms or non-slip traction soles. We make it easy to find the perfect style for any occassion.

3 Resons To Wear Slipper Socks

  • Comfort – Even a comfy pair of shoes does not compare to the comfort of slipping on a nice pair of fuzzy warm socks. With slipper socks you get the benefit of having them look cute at the same time as feeling great so it really is a win win.
  • Style – You don’t have to settle for just a pair of socks. Slipper socks are made to look like you are wearing shoes, and with so many styles and designs you can pick the look that best matches your mood. Gone are the days of ugly wool socks.
  • Function – Not only are you going to look great in your slipper socks but you will find that most pairs are going to have none slip grips on the bottom so you don’t have to worry about walking super carefully accross you tile or wood floors. You are safe to just walk like a normal human being and not have to worry about falling.

What are Customers Have To Say About Our Slipper Socks

Jan Spence September 30, 2016 – Well worth buying
For the price, I did not expect perfection by any means, but I am very happy with these socks. I got them for my dad, and he did say (as others noted) that when walking around he can feel the non-skids, but they do not bother him in the least. He loves how soft and cozy they are, and the fit is perfect for him. I do not think they would hold up very well in a dryer, but since I line dry that is of no concern to me. Have to be careful of snags, the weave could easily unravel. Overall… For the price, having to replace them sooner than other more pricey socks is an acceptable compromise. Overall, I love them, and so does dad.

irishhandyman February 22, 2018 – Comfy and warm on top of having good traction.
Got these for my brother who is in nursing home. Not only for the traction they provide, but comfort and warmth. He has fall issues and these have really helped. He has made the comment that he loves his socks. His feet is cold natured, but these keep his feet warm. They hold up well to the industrial washing machines as well. All in all, very satisfied. So much in fact I have ordered more for stand by in case he needs more. I would recommend these to anyone who has a loved one in a hospital, nursing home, or any type like that, Its actually hard to impress me, these have.