No Show Socks

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Showing 1–16 of 70 results

No Show Socks That Are Really No Show!

There is nothing worse than wanting no show socks and getting what you think will be hidden nicely underneath your shoe to give you the perfect look to find out there what you just received is an ankle sock.  At Top Socks Shop we know the difference and only show you the best.  We have done the research and product testing to make sure you get exactly what you want.

If you are searching for ankle socks we have the best selection of those as well but at Top Sock Shop.  We know the difference and put them in their own section.  So don’t waste your time here.

4 Things To Look For In The Best Men’s No Show Socks

  • Cut – If you are looking for a true no show sock you need to look at the cut at the top of the sock.  Make sure the sock has a wide mouth that swoops down over the top of your foot and rises up on the back of the heal and not a simple round hole at the top.  If all there is a round hole at the top it will go to high up your ankle and be shown when wearing your shoes.
  • Thickness – Even though you don’t want anyone to see your socks you do want the benefits.  So make sure you don’t you choose something with enough thickness to protect yourself against rubbing as well as a little extra thickness will help keep foot odor at a minimum.
  • Heal Grip – Always check to make sure your socks have some sort of heal grip at the back in order to keep them from exposing your heal all day and running the risk of a blister as well as just driving you insane.
  • Sizing – Not every foot is the same size so why should your choices be that way as well.  The more sizing options you have the better in order to ensure a good fit.

What Our Customers Are Saying About Our No Show Socks

The Chings September 6, 2019 – I definitely like the reinforced toe. I’m sure I get to use these for a long time. The no-slip sticker is a great addition too, compared with my other no-show socks which gets off easily, this one guarantees I’m still wearing socks at the end of the day….

Luke Muller May 11, 2018 – In my opinion these have been hands down the best no-show socks I have purchased. Recently I have been on a mission to find the perfect no show sock and throughout the process I have bought from a variety of companies. For me, these socks are the perfect thickness. They’re not too thin where it feels like you have no sock on at all and they’re not too thick causing my feet to sweat too much. Also they have the mesh on the top to give your feet plenty of air. The rubber strips inside the heel actually work and keep the socks from falling down and bunching up. Lastly they are just flat out very comfortable and the variety of colors is perfect. I would absolutely recommend these socks for anyone in the market for pair with the above attributes…..