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Showing 1–16 of 188 results

The Best Men’s Socks, No Matter The Occasion.

Top Socks Shop has scoured the sock world to bring you only the best in Men’s Socks. We have put together the best combination from dress socks to slipper socks we have your little toes covered with a complete range of socks.

Top 4 Types Of Socks For Men

  • Dress – Nothing completes a look quite like a fine pair of socks.  So make sure your socks steal the show with the perfect pair of men’s dress socks that represent you and your personality.
  • Compression – Functionality takes over in the next type of sock.  A compression sock will keep your legs from getting fatigued as well as can help with blood flow.  So no matter if you are young or old it is never a bad time to invest in a solid pair of compression socks.
  • Ankle – Ankle socks are perfect for almost any type of sport or event.  They give you just enough coverage that you are not fighting with them to stay up like some no show socks but they are hidden enough not to distract making them a must-have in any man’s closet.
  • Slipper – Men like to feel comfortable and what is more comfortable than slipping on a pair of socks that acts like a pair of shoes.

What are Customers Have To Say About Our Men’s Socks

Organix September 15, 2019 – I haven’t found a pair of socks from any company that lasts very long due to the amount of time I am on my feet and the work I do on my feet so I don’t expect any sock to surprise me. These socks have been very comfortable so far and they have plenty of elasticity so they don’t fall or move much. They seem fairly durable on the sole. I am not sure how long they will hold up but for the price, I have been very pleased. I would purchase again.

Amy Elizabeth May 15, 2019 – I had stopped wearing ankle socks because I have wide ankles and they always cut off the circulation. Well, I needed new athletic socks so I bought these and they are so comfortable! They’re on the thicker side, which is something I prefer, but it should be noted in case you don’t. I highly recommend these for my fellow wide ankles!